Project: Mooncircle 10th Anniversary Showcase with fLako, Robot Koch, Long Arm und vielen mehr im Club Gretchen am 17. März
12 March 2012

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Pixelatique presents: Metropolis Seclusion | Mixed by Gordon of Project: Mooncircle
4 December 2011

A city is a place for us to be lonely together… ’Loneliness in a big city‘ – a topic which has been accompanying people since they started their travels to far away places. But what does this particular loneliness really mean nowadays? Is it just a void filled with sadness and feeling of isolation in the coldhearted sort of place? Or maybe a space in one’s mind to find the better path on their road of life…? Let us present you opinions of several foreigners trying to make their dreams come true in a different country. Their statements are mixed with electronic, dubstep tunes, such as: Rumpistol, Rain Dog, Yoko Duo, Christoph El’ Truento, Soosh, Gards From KC, Krts, Sipp, Steamgoat, 1000names, Teebs, Sina., Antennae, Mo Kolours, Melo, Frederic Robinson, Broken Bubble, Kilimanjaro, George Fitzgerald, Furesshu, Jacques Greene, Inga Copeland, Long Arm, Robot Koch and 40 Winks.
… and you… have you ever been lonely in a big city….?

More information | Download | Project: Mooncircle | Record Store Day Berlin Trailer - November, 5th 2011 - Selected Store / Revaler Str. 9
4 November 2011

fLako "Carving Away The Clay" (10 Inch - Project: Mooncircle /, 2011)

'Carving Away The Clay' impresses upon the idea of an ongoing process in which raw material is stripped off of anything superfluous or impeding until the essential parts of ourselves are exposed. It is a never ending process of striving for perfection in all areas of life.

Sina. "From Love To Dust" with Kelpe, Soosh & Gards From KC (12 Inch - Project: Mooncircle /, 2011)

"From Love To Dust" is a two side EP of Barry Gordon, Ireland / UK based producer. He grew up listening to classic rock like Led Zeppelin & Rolling Stones and played in several bands. Barry fell in love with hip-hop after hearing Wu - Tang Clan for the first time, and started making music as Sina. in 2009. He owns and plays many different music instruments and has got a wide range of music influences, anything from blues and folk, to ambient and hip - hop.

The 6 track EP, set to drop in November, bleeds creativity, with influences from all aspects of music being incorporated in the works of Sina. He lets you submerge, full body, into impeccably produced, brittle clean sound with amazing groove control, touching and emotional. Thus, From Love To Dust never bores and features remixes of Switzerland rising star producer Gards From KC, UK beat smith Kelpe, and UK-based producer Soosh, who has had a collab with Gards From KC for Project: Mooncircle earlier this year.

Audio 88 & Yassin "Über Liebe" mit Suff Daddy Remix & Breaque (7 Inch - Analog Alpha /, 2011) exclusive for the "Berlin Record Store Day 2011"! Limited edition - 300 copies. The B side includes the extended version with instrumental and cuts by DJ Breaque!

These releases will be only available at | Selected Store (Nov, 5th) in Berlin!