IA MIX 70: Project: Mooncircle "Monochrome" Mixed by Gordon Gieseking
22 June 2012

In a dismal black-and- white movie or image one can still find the warmth of colors, especially as the whole environment heavily influences the perception of such a movie or image. These thoughts were unvariably accompanied with contemporary music and this Mix for Inverted Audio has been inspired by many black-and-white images. Founder and co-founder Gordon Gieseking tried to include plenty of releases from the labels Finest Ego, Project Squared and Project: Mooncircle because they are the food for his thoughts...

The mix includes Tom Diccico, Sei A, Lorca, Furesshu, Marco Effe, AnD, Makam, Dark Sky, Desolate, Kwala, Roof Light, Theo Bass, Robot Koch, John LaMonica, Pavel Dovgal, Good Paul, Empt, Bambooman, Sorrow, Rain Dog, MD, Brothomstates, Jack Dixon, Darling Farah, Submerse, and Sweatson Klank (aka Take).

Photo by The Binh


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Project: Mooncircle 10th Anniversary Showcase with fLako, Robot Koch, Long Arm und vielen mehr im Club Gretchen am 17. März
12 March 2012

Facebook event | More information


Impressions from the Project: Mooncircle label night with Long Arm, Pavel Dovgal, Bioniq and Gordon in Saint Petersburg, Russia
30 September 2011

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Finest Ego | Monthly Mix #005 – August 2011: Gordon Of Project: Mooncircle “Re-Entry To Earth | Fear Not The Dark” - Satta Outside Festival Tribute Mix
10 August 2011

This mix was given to us by Gordon as a tribute to Satta Outside (we will organise a Beatmaker Challenge / Ritmo Kovos together with our friends from Renegades of Bump there).
No doubt, the Project: Mooncircle showcase at the festival, including Robot Koch, fLako, 1000 Names and Playpad Circus as well as the DJs Gordon and Jinna will be another highlight this year!


Satta Outside Festival | Project: Mooncircle | Finest Ego | hhv.de

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Pavel Dovgal "Kiss Purple" Official Video (Finest Ego | Faces 12" Series Vol 1 - Project: Mooncircle, 2011)
3 August 2011

Project: Mooncircle / Bandcamp | Project: Mooncircle | Monoclock Music | hhv.de | Directed by Pavel Dovgal and Jenja Shvidak | Studio: Nial Vision

Order the limited vinyl version NOW


FINEST EGO | Radio with Mike Slott on BLN.FM (July, 1st – 7pm / July, 6th – 7pm / July, 7th – 11pm)
30 June 2011

60 minutes with exclusive and unreleased tracks. Hosted by Jinna Morocha and Gordon Gieseking on Radio BLN.FM (July, 1st - 7pm / July, 6th - 7pm / July, 7th - 11pm) every first Friday, Wednesday & Thursday per month.

The show includes acts like BNJMN, Die Maudlin Tiara, RLP, Omnious Cloud, Martyn, Krts, Kratos, Tinavie, Long Arm, Daniel Drumz, Soosh, Gards From KC, Bahir, Wires And Chords, Pavel Dovgal, Mike Slott, Bioniqsoundlab, Astronaft, Shigeto and many more...


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9 June 2011


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TONIGHT: FINEST EGO | Radio #03 with BLUE DAISY of Black Acre
1 May 2011

60 minutes with exclusive and unreleased tracks. Hosted by Jinna Morocha and Gordon Gieseking on Radio TWEN.FM (10:00 - 11:00pm) every first Sunday per month. The Berlin based radio station TWEN.FM broadcasts every Saturday and Sunday on 88,4 FM (Berlin) and 90,7 FM (Potsdam).

The show includes acts like Beatsofreen, Pixelord, Fancy Mike, Jazzo & Melodiesinfonie, Christoph El' Truento, Brokenchord, Always Dope Orchestra, Capella, Prefuse 73, Blue Daisy, Jay Scarlett, Overknights, I-Tone, Pavel Dovgal, A.B.S.T.R.A., Bugseed, Sipps, Sunclef, Szenario, Mike Gao, fLako, Eric Lau, 40 Winks, Johnny Boy, Puzzle, Katrah Quey, Robot Koch, Dynooo, Kwala, Called Understandable Souls, En2ak, Kan Sano and Comfort Fit and more...



14 March 2011

STROKE.ARTFAIR is teaming up with PROJECT MOONCIRCLE to present an incredible selection of sounds and artworks.
Team #002: Robert Proch (Poland) creates an artwork for STROKE.ARTFAIR (in Munich) inspired by the song "Andromeda" of Pavel Dovgal!
More information here!

The STROKE.ARTFAIR is the worlds first art fair with a main focus on all developements concerning the worldwide movement of the so called Urban Art. The fair was planned as a wandering-concept to justice the demands of this international art movement. The STROKE.ARTFAIR took already place twice in Munich (October '09 and Mai '10) and once in Berlin (October '10).

The next issue of the fair - STROKE.04 - will take place once again in Munich (may 26 - 29). Additional shows will be presented throughout Germany next year.


"Space Journey" (Laid Back Radio Mix) by Gordon Of Project: Mooncircle
27 February 2011

Laid Back info text:
It's no secret that we have a fruitful collaboration going on with the nice people at Berlin based record label Project:Mooncircle (PMC) for numerous years. Last time I had the chance to chat with PMC owner Gordon, we discussed possible collaborations and this mix was the first item on our list. Watch out for more but first enjoy this journey between Earth and Moon filled with warm organic sounds and cold, dark, electronic grooves.

The mix includes acts like Skyence, Carlos Nino, John Robinson, Scienz Of Life, Robot Koch, Pavel Dovgal, Dela, 40 Winks, Kixnare, Brokenchord, Easy Buisness, fLako, Elephant Beach, Ichiro_, 2tall, Kashmere, Robot Robinson, Killing Skills, Queen Latifah and more...


projectmooncircle.com - hhv.de - laid-back.be


Pavel Dovgal live in DOM @ HOODs 2011
22 February 2011



Hi-Hat Club Mix by FS Green
2 February 2011

Hi-Hat Club (Mix, 2011) by FSGREEN

Nice selection by FS Green for Hi-Hat Club with acts like fLako, DZA, Mujuice, Salva, Slugabed, RLP, Pavel Dovgal, Laser Sword and more...

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Mondayjazz.com - MJ167 "We're On The Moon" Mixed by Gordon Of Project: Mooncircle
17 January 2011

Mondayjazz.com (Jazz For The Working Class) from Russia proudly presents "We're On The Moon" by Mixed by Gordon Of Project: Mooncircle
press text:
Gordon Gieseking is a Berlin residing graphic artist, making artworks for various international labels and artists. He is also a DJ and a founder of Project: Mooncircle - label which representatives have been on Mondayjazz broadcast for several times. Just remember dope mixes from fLako, Robot Koch, Manuvers, Glen Porter, Pavel Dogval and many more, not to mention acts or artist, that could be associated as labels like minded friends. Core of the We're On The Moon is also constructed around labels production and having in mind the quantity and quality of Project: Mooncircle releases, it is a promising and wide spreading journey through actual music. But freshness isn't the only parameter, mix includes some all-time hits and is based under fluent, a bit dark and spacey emotion. The tracklist includes acts like Fancy Mike, Mr. Projectile, Evil Ed, FERARRI, Robot Koch, Pavel Dovgal, Juj, Jungle Drums And Ahu, Azzurro, 40 Winks, SATO, John Robinson, Lewis Parker, StaHHr, Cymarshall Law, 4RCE, Lewis McCallum, Long Arm, Dela, Doppelkopf, Asaviour , Szenario, Dj Krush, Zap Mama, Tumi, Jahbitat, Take, Tycho, Robot Robinson & Lusine. So an excellent presentation of material that has in some way always been around, but for the first time is clearly detailed. It will give you joy of cognition through recognition.


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Download: Pavel Dovgal "Slowmotion" Digital EP [dhh0026-i]
1 January 2011



Pavel Dovgal "Intergalactic Music" mix at Mondayjazz (MJ162)
6 December 2010


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