Project: Mooncircle 10th Anniversary Showcase with fLako, Robot Koch, Long Arm und vielen mehr im Club Gretchen am 17. März
12 March 2012

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Pixelatique presents: Metropolis Seclusion | Mixed by Gordon of Project: Mooncircle
4 December 2011

A city is a place for us to be lonely together… ’Loneliness in a big city‘ – a topic which has been accompanying people since they started their travels to far away places. But what does this particular loneliness really mean nowadays? Is it just a void filled with sadness and feeling of isolation in the coldhearted sort of place? Or maybe a space in one’s mind to find the better path on their road of life…? Let us present you opinions of several foreigners trying to make their dreams come true in a different country. Their statements are mixed with electronic, dubstep tunes, such as: Rumpistol, Rain Dog, Yoko Duo, Christoph El’ Truento, Soosh, Gards From KC, Krts, Sipp, Steamgoat, 1000names, Teebs, Sina., Antennae, Mo Kolours, Melo, Frederic Robinson, Broken Bubble, Kilimanjaro, George Fitzgerald, Furesshu, Jacques Greene, Inga Copeland, Long Arm, Robot Koch and 40 Winks.
… and you… have you ever been lonely in a big city….?

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Eindrücke von unserer Label Nacht in Wien! Vielen Dank, an euch!!
13 November 2011


Project: Mooncircle Label Night with Robot Koch, Long Arm & Gordon @ Cafe Leopold in Vienna (presented by CanYouDigIt)
27 October 2011

Presented by Project: Mooncircle and CanYouDigit, internationally renowned and critically acclaimed artists Robot Koch and Long Arm will play a label showcase at Cafe Leopold on the 11th of November in Vienna.
Supported by such DJs as their labelmate Gordon Gieseking as well as Kidkut, DJ Laho, Daze, Lexo, Motkii and many more you can expect all varieties of abstract and futuristic beat music between organic and electronic styles.

Robot Koch
One of Europe`s finest producers of the beat generation“ (Low End Theory), is much more than just a beatmaker and a constant guest in the playlists of Mary Anne Hobbs, Starkey, Daedelus and Gaslamp Killer. With his new album „The Other Side“ there is a new dimension to Koch`s production and songwriting with its cinematic vibe, the quirky and moody feel and the electricity that creates intimate and timeless pieces of music that are soulful, deep, mysterious and that will appeal to fans of cutting edge Electronica and modern pop music alike.

Audio previews:
Robot Koch "Glassdrops" Video (The Other Side - Project: Mooncircle, 2011)
Robot Koch "Heal" Video (The Other Side - Project: Mooncircle, 2011)

Long Arm
Long Arm from Russia is one of the most gifted young producers in the area of abstract instrumental Hip Hop. His debut album "The Branches", released on Project: Mooncircle, made it into radio shows of Mary Anne Hobbs (XFM) as well as Gilles Peterson's "All Winners" show on BBC Radio 1, his personal list of favorites of the year 2011 so far. His sophomore release "Organic", a collection of new and unreleased songs but also remix versions from the likes of Daisuke Tanabe, Krts and FiJi & Eugenia Peters, has recently been released, also on Project: Mooncircle.

Audio previews:
Long Arm "Organic" Video (Organic EP - Project: Mooncircle, 2011)
Long Arm "When Children Sleep" Video (The Branches - Project: Mooncircle, 2011)


Long Arm "Organic" Record Release Party with Graciela Maria and Sneaky in Berlin + Dresden, Germany
12 October 2011

Am 14. Oktober wird mit dem Russen Long Arm einer der talentiertesten jungen Produzenten im Bereich des abstrakten Instrumental-HipHop im Panke in Berlin spielen. Sein auf Project: Mooncircle veröffentlichtes Debüt-Album "The Branches“ fand Platz in Sendungen von Mary Anne Hobbs (XFM), sowie in Gilles Petersons "All Winners" Sendung auf BBC Radio 1, seiner momentanen, persönlichen Bestenliste des Jahres 2011. Wer sich die Mühe macht und einmal nach Videos von Live Auftritten des Orenburgers sucht, wird schnell bemerken, dass es der studierte Jazz-Pianist schafft eine Klangatmosphäre zu erschaffen, wie man sie sonst nur von einem kompletten Jazzorchester inklusive Drum-Section erwarten würde. Ende September veröffentlicht Long Arm zusätzlich sein Nachfolgewerk "Organic", eine Zusammenstellung neuer und bisher unveröffentlichter Songs sowie Remix Versionen von Daisuke Tanabe, Krts und FiJi & Eugenia Peters auf Project: Mooncircle. Begleitet wird Long Arm von Graciela Maria (Mexiko), die ebenfalls auf "Organic“ vertreten sein wird, Sneaky (Fingathing / Ninja Tune), V. Raeter (Ecke Prinz / Spoken View), Gordon Gieseking (Project Squared / Finest Ego / PMC) sowie Jinna Morocha, einer jungen russischen Labelmacherin von Project: Mooncircle, die jetzt in Berlin lebt.



Impressions from the Project: Mooncircle label night with Long Arm, Pavel Dovgal, Bioniq and Gordon in Saint Petersburg, Russia
30 September 2011

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Long Arm "Organic feat. Teknical Development" Official Video (Organic - Project: Mooncircle, 2011)
17 September 2011

EP, 12" / Digital


Finest Ego | Monthly Mix #005 – August 2011: Gordon Of Project: Mooncircle “Re-Entry To Earth | Fear Not The Dark” - Satta Outside Festival Tribute Mix
10 August 2011

This mix was given to us by Gordon as a tribute to Satta Outside (we will organise a Beatmaker Challenge / Ritmo Kovos together with our friends from Renegades of Bump there).
No doubt, the Project: Mooncircle showcase at the festival, including Robot Koch, fLako, 1000 Names and Playpad Circus as well as the DJs Gordon and Jinna will be another highlight this year!


Satta Outside Festival | Project: Mooncircle | Finest Ego |

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Gilles Peterson "All Winners" Show with Long Arm
27 July 2011

Congrats, Long Arm! Gilles Peterson played "The Waterfall Inside Me" last night on his "All Winners" show on BBC Radio 1, which is basically his favourite tracks of the year so far, since the last "All Winners" show... BIG UP!



FINEST EGO | Radio with Mike Slott on BLN.FM (July, 1st – 7pm / July, 6th – 7pm / July, 7th – 11pm)
30 June 2011

60 minutes with exclusive and unreleased tracks. Hosted by Jinna Morocha and Gordon Gieseking on Radio BLN.FM (July, 1st - 7pm / July, 6th - 7pm / July, 7th - 11pm) every first Friday, Wednesday & Thursday per month.

The show includes acts like BNJMN, Die Maudlin Tiara, RLP, Omnious Cloud, Martyn, Krts, Kratos, Tinavie, Long Arm, Daniel Drumz, Soosh, Gards From KC, Bahir, Wires And Chords, Pavel Dovgal, Mike Slott, Bioniqsoundlab, Astronaft, Shigeto and many more...


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24 June 2011

PMC073 - Long Arm "The Branches" album snippet by Project Mooncircle

‎... Deep love from the UK goes under the skin for Long Arm! The same thing with his music... Thanks to Richard Buswell!



9 June 2011


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FINEST EGO | Radio #02 with TEEBS of Brainfeeder (April, 2nd 08:00 – 09:00pm on TWEN.FM)
2 April 2011

Finest Ego Radio #02 with TEEBS of Brainfeeder. 60 minutes with exclusive and unreleased tracks. Hosted by Jinna Morocha and Gordon Gieseking on Radio TWEN.FM (08:00 - 09:00pm) every first Saturday per month. The Berlin based radio station TWEN.FM broadcasts every Saturday and Sunday on 88,4 FM (Berlin) and 90,7 FM (Potsdam).

The show includes acts like Ackryte, AL PD, Headshotboys, Citymouth, Shankles, Figub Brazlevič, Mike Slott, fLako, Ju-Ar, Rise, Shlohmo, Playpad Circus, Lex of Kalhex, Eric Lau, 40 Winks, Long Arm, Suff Daddy, Hazeem, Flowtec, Johnny Boy, Robot Koch, Dexter, Comfort Fit, Free The Robots and more...



‎Long Arm "The Branches" album review on russian television!
25 March 2011


Long Arm "When Children Sleep" Official Video (The Branches - Project: Mooncircle, 2011)
11 February 2011