Project: Mooncircle 10th Anniversary Showcase with fLako, Robot Koch, Long Arm und vielen mehr im Club Gretchen am 17. März
12 March 2012

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"First Space Walk (Rhythm Incursions Mix)" Mixed by Gordon Of Project: Mooncircle
15 May 2011

Source: Rhythm Incrusions (London, UK)

I woke up this morning, with a slight hungover, to find an email in the inbox from Gordon of Project: Mooncircle telling me he had a guest mix for us. Always a pleasant surprise when good friends of ours get in touch like this, even more when it’s someone like Gordon who we’ve worked with for years now ever since the beginnings of both Rhythm Incursions and Project: Mooncircle back in the early/mid 00s. Regular listeners will no doubt be familiar with the label’s output – releases from the label are a common feature in our monthly shows and we’ve had quite a few of their artists guest on the show in the past (click here for a run down). So to finally have Gordon, the man behind the label, step up for a guest mix is nice. Actually if memory serves me right Gordon did do a guest spot for us back in 05 when Waxfactor presented the first Project:Mooncircle special which was also one of the first podcasts we did, back when Rhythm Incursions was a bi weekly show on Resonance FM. So nearly 6 years on (damn time flies) Gordon steps up again with a selection across the board featuring the likes of Headshotboyz, Shlohmo, Lapalux, Teebs, Quendolinfender, Capella, Coco Bryce, fLako, Koreless, DZA, Luisterwaar, Ital Tek, Jehst, Joe Kickass, Killing Skills, CYNE, Gards From KC, Evil Ed and more… The mix features a fair few unreleased/forthcoming bits and there is no tracklist aside from the above artists mention.

For more on Project:Mooncircle be sure to check their website, where you’ll find details of all their releases past and present. Up next they’ve got some tasty offerings from fLako and DZA as well as a Mike Gao LP coming in the summer. And stay tuned for details of a common project we’re working on as part of their Finest Ego series which I’m hoping we’ll be able to announce details for in the coming weeks.

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JEHST is my postman
6 April 2011

Jehst on!

Posted by: Gordon | Tags: , , , - Each One Teach One #006 - Who's Jehst?
1 August 2010

Project: MoonCircle

William G. Shields, better known as Jehst or a slew of aliases including The High Plains Drifter and Jay Star, is an English rapper and co-founder of hip hop label YNR.

Born in Kent in 1979, Jehst spent his early childhood in Crowborough in Sussex before moving to Huddersfield where he went to the independent Huddersfield Grammar School on a scholarship. After being admitted to the LSE for a degree in Economics and Social Anthropology, Jehst subsequently dropped out due to an offer of a record deal and a opportunity to set up his own label. His debut release came in 1999 with the Premonitions EP on YNR, which he co-founded with Leeds hip-hop artist, Tommy Evans. His solo career extended further when he appeared on Task Force's EP Voice of the Great Outdoors (2000) with the track 'Cosmic Gypsies', which resulted in a long time association with Low Life Records. The release of four 12" records on the same label soon followed, while at around the same time in 2002 Jehst was also a pivotal member of the seven man group 'Champions of Nature', whose members included AM, Apollo, L. Dolo, Lewis Parker, Profound and Supa T. The group eventually released two EP's before disbanding, but not before the final release of the highly acclaimed full-length The Return of the Drifter. Issued in June 2002, it was a double release with an accompanying 11-track CD of the same name. This was essentially a collection of previously released tracks and a cross-section of Jehst's work up to that point. Following a steady rise of success in the underground Folk scene, a handful of guest appearances soon followed. Furthermore, Shields had begun collaborating with producers such as Evil Ed, Harry Love and Lewis Parker to further enhance his status as an established figure within the British hip hop scene. In 2003 he unveiled his debut album Falling Down, which featured guest appearances from Lewis Parker, The Sundragon, Usmaan and Klashnekoff. Jehst's next solo installment came in the form of the 2005 effort, Nuke Proof Suit. The following year saw Jehst's production project, Jehst Presents: Underworld Epics come to fruition. In 2007 The Mengi Bus Mixtape was released, accompanied by a string of live shows including a small run of shows in Australia.

Shields has also released material under the name 'Billy Brimstone' on his own label, YNR; the same label responsible for many up and coming and established British hip hop artists.

Jehst at


Jehst "Elevate" (Ghost Remix)!
10 April 2010

Jehst "Elevate" (Ghost Remix) taken from the Ghost "Freedom Of Thought" EP" (Breakin Bread).

Buy. 2nd hand DROPS #022
23 February 2010

Jehst "Alcoholic author" (YNR)



Suspect Packages Radio Show w/ Lewis Parker
4 February 2010


RUFF, DOPE and HIP HOP! Sounds like a real radio show without stupid comments and fashion attitude! Thanks to Disorder of Suspect Packages and his guest Lewis Parker! PLAY LOUD !
The show also includes Jehst, Dubbledge, Ty, Sam Sure, Fliptrix, London Zoo, Mr Loop, Fallacy and more..

Lewis Parker "The Unseen Trap" 10 Inch Buy
Suspect Packages
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HHV.DE & Generation Tapedeck presents: "Man On The Moon" Mix
31 December 2009

Project: MoonCircle

“Man On The Moon” mixed by Gordon Of Project: Mooncircle / HHV.DE for Generation Tapedeck.

A dream of thousands of years used to become true. Dreamed of savants in ancient times, middle age and in modern times. Thoughts of researchers from many countrys, prophesied by visionaries, from pioneers and science fiction writers. For the first time, humans should enter the moon. Gordon of Project: Mooncircle / HHV.DE is on mission for Generation Tapedeck and he highlights it with imaginations and music. The year 2009 ends with a new start to the moon.

The mix includes acts like Boogiemonsters, Inner Science, Kaliyuga Pro, 40 Winks, Lewis Parker, Chaka Kahn, Quakes, Lusine, Mayday, CYNE, Kyza, Take, Jehst, Fabe, David Budjah and more…

Artwork by V. Raeter!


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Project: Mooncircle

We wish you a happy new year!