Finest Ego | Monthly Mix #005 – August 2011: Gordon Of Project: Mooncircle “Re-Entry To Earth | Fear Not The Dark” - Satta Outside Festival Tribute Mix
10 August 2011

This mix was given to us by Gordon as a tribute to Satta Outside (we will organise a Beatmaker Challenge / Ritmo Kovos together with our friends from Renegades of Bump there).
No doubt, the Project: Mooncircle showcase at the festival, including Robot Koch, fLako, 1000 Names and Playpad Circus as well as the DJs Gordon and Jinna will be another highlight this year!


Satta Outside Festival | Project: Mooncircle | Finest Ego |

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FINEST EGO | Radio with fLako at BLN.FM
3 June 2011

60 minutes with exclusive and unreleased tracks. Hosted by Jinna Morocha and Gordon Gieseking on Radio BLN.FM (June, 3rd - 7pm / June, 8th - 7pm / June, 9th - 11pm) every first Friday, Wednesday & Thursday per month.

The show includes acts like fLako, Geste, Comfort Fit, Illum Sphere, Funkazmagoria, Robot Koch, Starfox, 20syl, Jesse Futermann, Kappah, Lower Entrance, En2ak, Coco Bryce and many more...

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En2ak "Who Mourns for an Android?" Video feat. Seb Zillner [Celestial Toyroom - U Know Me Records]
31 May 2011



Project: Mooncircle X U Know Me Records Label Night with fLako, Robot Koch, Gordon, En2ak, Teielte in Warszawa, Poland!
20 May 2011

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