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27 January 2012

neuer mix von radio&fernseh

Rechtzeitig zum Wochenende: My new Future_Bass DJset. A limited CDR_Version with a self_made Cover_Artwork soon. Watch out, & feel the Bass.
Recorded Live, Vinyl only. One Take.


Nike Look of Running x Selected Store
21 January 2012


Abrisskonzert Klub der Republik Freitag 20:30
20 January 2012

Das Thema ist in aller Munde. Nach 23 Jahren Zwischennutzung zur Immobilienentwicklung wird der Klub der Republik in der Pappelallee im Prenzlauer Berg zum Monatsende geschlossen und desinfiziert.

Aus diesem Anlass gibt Jenz Steiner morgen im Klub der Republik in der Pappelallee ein Abrisskonzert.

Los geht es pünktlich 20:30 Uhr.

Es ist wirklich die letzte Chance, ihn dort für sechs schmale Taler live zu sehen.

Go hin!

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Acrylick Crew Socks
14 January 2012

Oft unterschätzt......eine gute Socke! Die Jungs von Acrylick haben sich das für die aktuelle Kollektion auf die Fahne geschrieben.

One of the most underrated clothing accessories in a person’s wardrobe, SOCKS. Socks are worn by everyone and are worn almost everyday. Even though it may appear silly, socks are a staple accessory to everyone’s wardrobe and should get the same amount of attention as any other piece of clothing.
This was going on in our heads as we developed our socks. We take pride in everything we create. This accessory is no different and received the attention that we would have given any piece in our collection

Die Socken und natürlich auch den Rest der neuen Acrylick Kollektion gibt es ab sofort bei uns im Shop


Good stuff, good stuff
13 January 2012

So, das Wochenende steht vor der Tür - Zeit an den Moves zu feilen!


Wir sind gerüstet
11 January 2012

Nächste Woche beginnt der Messezirkus in Berlin mit Bread and Butter, Bright, Capsule, Premium etc. und Puma hat uns ein kleines Survival-Paket für die heissen Tage/Nächte geschickt. Jetzt kann ja nüscht mehr schiefgehen. Danke dafür.....


Deckard - Günesim (feat. Deniz Cagli)
10 January 2012

fetter Track und das Video wurde von unserem (Ex-) HHV-Mitarbeiter Ceylan produziert

das neue Deckard Album auf Equinox kriegt ihr natürlich bei uns im Shop

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Life of a Rap Promoter
9 January 2012

ATCQ waren ja offensichtlich keine großen Fans der Rap Promoter

03 Rap Promoter

'So take your roly poly fat promoter (ass)
to the Chemical Bank, and get my cash'

nun hier mal die Sicht des Promoters....."Mos Def tour promoter Sam Speaight: "I literally broke down and cried."

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Eligh x Amp Live RMX Contest, das Finale!!!
9 January 2012

P.S.: Fleissig für unseren Homie [ACHT] voten. Der Gute hat als Gewinner die Chance seinen Track auf dem kommenden Remix Album "Therapy after 3" zu releasen ;-)


In der Post
2 January 2012

Letzte Woche kam ein nettes Packerl von der Frank Castle Cooking Gang an und wer sich so viel Mühe gibt, kriegt natürlich ein kleines Feature auf dem Blog...


FINEST EGO | German / Austrian / Swiss Compilation
1 January 2012

A while has passed since our last compilation has been released but just in time for the 2011 holiday season Project: Mooncircle and Finest Ego bring you the already fifth edition of our acclaimed compilation series. Shifting focus towards central Europe, we find the three countries Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Sharing lots of their historical and cultural heritage, this copious collection contains work from producers of a wide range of musical manifestations – all located in the spectrum between traditional sample-based and organic sound to electronic and experimental compositions. Grown up in the nineties with the organic sounds from across the big pond and a long tradition of electronic music in the German speaking world, this compilation showcases the fusion of electronic and classical soulful organic elements in the beat scene. The sound is as diverse as the country and its people, from Spaetzle to Klopse and from HipHop to Techno, on this compilation you can find Boombap from the likes of Brenk & Suff Daddy but also electronic sounds from the likes of Robot Koch and Bit Tuner as well as atmospheric sonical waves from Glenn Astro and Anthony Drawn.

The influences vary from Jazz records, video games, Hip Hop, Drum 'n' Bass and Techno. But are there two different camps clashing here? Retro vs future, mountain village vs urban center, winter vs summer...

The compilation includes acts like Chief, Brenk, Dexter, Mono:Massive, Hulk Hodn, Captain Crook, Stroe, Hubert Daviz, Comfort Fit, Robot Koch, Jazzo & Melodiesinfonie, Quendolin Fender, Ju-Ar, Twit One, Suff Daddy, Figub Brazlevic, Szenario, Portformat, Flowtec, D-Fekt & Mr. Beef, Bit-Tuner, Feux, Kalifornia Kurt, B-Ju, Playpad Circus, Flex Fab, Ill-Luzion, Anthony Drawn, Hazeem, Minor Sick, XL The Red One, Glenn Astro, Frederic Robinson, and Willy Sunshine.

Design by LGB5 x Alexander Brade. A&R: Martin Pohle. Mixed & Mastered by Sven Friederichs.
Release date: December, 25th.


Finest Ego | German / Austrian / Swiss Compilation Snippet by Project Mooncircle

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